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Step into the world of Wisdumb, the Bengaluru-based Hip-Hop artist/rapper who is revitalizing the essence of underground and old school vibes while infusing it with fresh, contemporary energy.

With roots tracing back to Hampi, India and a lineage that includes an Indian mother and Swiss father. Growing up in the vibrant landscapes of Hampi, Goa and Bengaluru, his upbringing exposed him to diverse walks of life, shaping his profound understanding of the human experience. It was in Biel, Switzerland, however, where Wisdumb's musical journey was initiated. Collaborating with his crew, the Nefaroo Crew, he released a series of tracks and music videos. Driven by a deep sense of connection to his roots, Wisdumb returned to Bengaluru, where he now resides, immersing himself in the city's thriving music scene.

Known for his intricate and complex lyricism, he weaves thought-provoking messages into every track, leaving his listeners with a lingering impact. With a penchant for soulful, lo-fi beats, gritty boom bap and trap rhythms, Wisdumb's versatile style transcends boundaries, infusing his tracks with a potent blend of lyricism, storytelling, and social commentary. His verses paint vivid pictures, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world of introspection and contemplation. Each line is meticulously crafted, offering a wealth of substance that challenges the status quo and sparks meaningful conversations.

Wisdumb's artistry extends far beyond the studio. By drawing inspiration from the elite MCs of the golden era of Hip-Hop, Wisdumb places a premium on live performances, stage presence and energetic shows. Together with his crew, their shows can last up to two hours, captivating audiences with their fresh flows and unpredictable delivery. With their ability to cover three of the biggest languages in India: English, Hindi and Kannada, they connect with a diverse demographic, ensuring their music resonates with fans across the nation.

In an era where substance often takes a back seat to fleeting trends, Wisdumb remains authentic, true to his vision and sound. A beacon of authenticity, he represents the essence of a modern Hip-Hop artist. With powerful storytelling, razor-sharp lyricism and unwavering dedication, Wisdumb leaves an indelible mark on Hip-Hop.


Wisdumb Logo


Wisdumb Logo



Wisdumb Logo



Wisdumb Logo


Wisdumb Logo

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